April Fool’s jokes via WhatsApp: How to chat your friends into April.

by Pramith

Whoever wants to make April Fool’s jokes can easily do so via WhatsApp. However, you should be careful not to overstep the bounds.

April Fools’ Jokes via WhatsApp: You should know these

April jokes on WhatsApp are a funny idea to send your friends into the new month.

  • Train ride with consequences: Prank your friends by saying you had one too many beers last night and now you’ve woken up in a city you’ve ideally been to and have selfies as “evidence. “
  • Wedding: If you’re in a relationship, message your friends saying “Forgot to write to you guys, I’m getting married today, are you coming over?”.
  • Break a leg: Send your friends a picture of a plastered leg, without another word. If the person asks, startled, what happened, say that you slipped on your April Fool’s joke.
  • McDonalds discount: Send a string of messages. Write something like “I’m so disappointed in you”. “I really didn’t expect this”. Wait to see what the friend replies. Then step it up without responding with: “I really thought we were friends! But something like this is really not possible”. The friend will then be really shocked. Then you reply: “You could have told me that McDonald’s has the 20 nuggets on sale!”
  • Fake news: send an article, either written by yourself, or screenshots from the Postillon and claim that they are true.
  • Car prank: Contact a friend and claim that you saw someone cause a scratch on their car and then drive away. The person will be desperate for a scratch.
  • Pregnancy: Also popular is a photo of a positive pregnancy test. Don’t write anything with it and wait for the reaction.
  • Exam: As a student, ask your friends if they are ready for today’s exam. This, of course, only pulls on a weekday.
  • Blocked: Remove your profile picture and send the person the message “This user has blocked you”.
  • Pregnant friend: Write to a friend’s partner : “Awesome that you’re going to be parents, I’m happy for you!”.

What you must remember

If you want to send friends off to April, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

  • Only play jokes on friends who understand them.
  • Never push your friends’ boundaries. Playing on their fears is not okay.
  • Don’t do anything you wouldn’t like the other way round.
  • Clear up the joke as soon as possible, not to get anyone else in trouble or jeopardise a friendship.

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