Asana Rebel: What you need to know about the online yoga programme

by Pramith

Asana Rebel is an online yoga programme for home and on the go. The exercises are also designed to increase your fitness. In this post, you’ll learn more about the app and how much you need to spend on a subscription.

Asana Rebel: The yoga online programme in quick check

For those for whom yoga and fitness are part of daily life, the yoga app from Asana Rebel can be a good alternative when travelling and at home. All you need is a smartphone, sporty clothes and a yoga mat.

  • Asana Rebel offers a free yoga app. However, you can also set up your user account directly via the website. To have access to the full programme, you need to take out a subscription.
  • Asana Rebel is not only about yoga, but also about fitness. You can choose between many, different workouts (e.g. Easy Flow, Beach Body, Yoga for the Back, Yoga for Runners, etc.).
  • When you create your account, you can select your training goals (e.g. better sleep, more energy, lose weight or train more effectively). Based on your selection, a plan of workouts will be created for you.
  • The exercises are explained in the videos. A workout lasts between approx. 10 – 20 minutes.
  • If you don’t like the music you have selected, you can easily change it. You can choose between different songs. Of course, you can also mute the music if you prefer to exercise without sound.
  • For those looking for more peace and relaxation, Asana Rebel also offers relaxing meditation exercises and soothing music.


The costs at a glance

Asana Rebel’s yoga app or registration via the webpage is free. But what about the subscription costs? Below you can find out what fees you should expect.

  • In Germany, the subscription to Asana Rebel costs 15.99 euros per month. If you take out your subscription directly for a year, it will cost you a total of 35.99 euros, i.e. just under 3 euros per month.
  • The subscription costs depend on the duration and the location. There is a monthly or annual membership. Asana Rebel has hidden the exact subscription costs well: because to find out, you first have to install the app, call it up and enter various details.
  • In order to set up a user account with Asana-Rebel, you must be at least 18 years old and fully capable of doing business.
  • The free download already includes some free workouts. However, in order to use the full Asana Rebell programme, you must opt for a subscription.
  • Note: The duration of your user contract is unlimited. It will only end when you delete the Asana Rebel app or cancel your contract.

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