Digitize audio tape: You have these options

by Johannes

There are several ways to digitize an audio tape. You can do this directly yourself or commission it

Digitize a tape yourself

Sometimes you want to keep old audio recordings for eternity. The solution is to digitize the tape. If you want to digitize it, proceed as follows:

  • First of all, you need a tape recorder with a USB port or an external tape digitizing device.
  • Install an audio editor such as Audacity on your computer. If you now connect your PC to the tape recorder or the digitizing device, you can record the audio track.
  • This method is simple, but the quality may not be very good depending on the condition of the tape. You may therefore have to spend time post-processing the digitized material. You can do this with Adobe Audition, for example.
  • Alternatively, you can also play back the tape and record it via a microphone using Audacity or other software. However, the quality is usually not good with this method.

How to digitize audio tapes

If you don’t want to invest so much time yourself and have your tapes professionally digitized, there are various providers for this:

  • There are companies that specialize in the digitization of cassettes and tapes. They usually have high-quality equipment to ensure the best possible quality during digitization.
  • If you cannot find a provider for this service in your area, there are also online services that offer tape digitization. You can send in the tapes by post and then receive the digitized files back.
  • If the recordings are very valuable, it is advisable to use an external service provider, as you can expect high quality from a professional provider.

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