How to connect the PlayStation 4 with a remote control

by Michaela

The PlayStation 4 can be controlled via a remote control. For this, a connection between the console and the device is necessary.

Connect the TV remote control with the PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 can be controlled with little effort using your TV remote control.

  • To establish a connection, go to the settings in the menu of the PlayStation 4. There you will find the option “System”. Select this option.
  • Now look for “HDMI device connection”. This is the necessary option for connecting with a remote control. Put a tick there.
  • For Sony sets it is Bravia Link or Bravia Sync, while for Samsung TVs the term Anynet + is used. The designation can be found out via the operating instructions. Select the function.
  • Within the HDMI CEC menu, search for the PS4. Select and the remote is connected to the console and can be controlled.

Connect PlayStation 4 with Universal Remote Control

If you want to use a universal remote control for the PlayStation 4, the connection is made as follows:

  • It must be a universal remote control that has been specially developed for the PlayStation 4. This is offered by various manufacturers.
  • These are products with an adapter. This is plugged into a USB port on the console, thereby enabling the connection to be established. This is either a Bluetooth or 2.4GHz connection.
  • The connection setup is described in more detail in the operating instructions for most products. After that, the PS4 can be controlled via the universal remote control.

Use smartphone as remote control for PlayStation 4

The PS4 can be controlled via smartphone in addition to a classic remote control:

  • In order to control your PS4 with your smartphone, you need to download and install the PlayStation App. It is available for Android and iOS.
  • Follow this, navigate to the “PlayStation App connection settings” option in the device settings of the PS4 console.
  • Select “Add Device” in the connection settings and then open the PlayStation App on your smartphone. To start the connection process, select the option “Connect to PS4” within the app.
  • Confirm, enter the security code displayed and the console should now be controllable with your smartphone.

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