Report suspected fraud: All important information

by Pramith

You should report suspected fraud as quickly as possible. And it’s not just the police who can help to investigate

How to report suspected fraud

You can of course report suspected fraud to the police first. It doesn’t matter whether it’s online fraud or a case of fraud over the phone. Other sources are a little more specific, especially when it comes to advice.

  • You can report any type of fraud to a local police station. The federal states also offer special internet watchdogs for online fraud
  • Depending on the type of fraud, you can also use various reporting offices. For example, there is a reporting office if you find an unauthorized picture of yourself online
  • Other hotlines help with phone number theft or cyberbullying. However, you will only be able to report it directly to the police

Cases of fraud at a higher level

Depending on the size of the case, other institutions may also be responsible for reporting and prosecuting cases of fraud. However, you should continue to report national cases to the local police.

  • Another option is the fraud reporting system of the European Anti-Fraud Office. You can also report cases there anonymously
  • To report to the European Anti-Fraud Office, all you need is all the relevant information and, if available, the documents concerned.
  • However, it should be noted that this authority only deals with cases of fraud involving EU funds. Other cases are dealt with by national authorities.

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