Veo: What Google’s new video AI can do

by Johannes

AI images have been on the web for a long time, but with Veo, Google now wants to revolutionize AI videos and improve the quality of short videos

Video AI: What’s behind Veo from Google

Sora from Open AI has shown the way, and now Google is following suit with its own tool: Veo is designed to enable users to create short videos thanks to artificial intelligence – and with better quality than ever before.

  • Veo is an AI tool for the creation of video material. Users should be able to create clips in 1080p resolution in no time at all by entering a prompt.
  • Users can integrate time lapses, drone shots or landscape shots as well as complex video scenes into their AI films. People, animals and objects should move particularly realistically
  • I should also be able to edit existing clips with the AI. For example, you can use Google Veo to insert elements into a video at a later date.
  • In the past, artificially generated clips were notable for wobbling or jumping elements, so Google wants to revolutionize the world of video AI and offer particularly good stability. Techniques from Google projects such as Imagen-Video, DVD-GAN and the Generative Query Network are being used

How to test Google Veo

In the future, Veo will be embedded in Google tools such as YouTube Shorts, but interested parties will have to be patient until then. Access to the video AI is currently restricted.

  • Filmmakers and digital artists will initially have access to the beta version on Google Veo via a waiting list. A waiting list has been set up for this via a Google Labs form. However, other interested parties can also register here and apply to become a “Trusted Tester”
  • It is not yet known when Veo will be available to the general public and how much the video AI will cost.

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