Uno rules: Are you allowed to put +4 cards on top of +2 cards?

by Mike

In the UNO rules it is precisely defined whether you are allowed to place a plus 4 card on a plus 2 card or not. The main point here is that you cannot combine the two cards.

UNO rules: Plus 4 on Plus 2 is officially not allowed

The rules of the popular card game UNO clearly state what is allowed. Placing a Plus 4 as a “combination” with a Plus 2 card is not one of them.

  • If a Plus 2 card is laid, the game proceeds as follows: The next player must draw two cards, but may not discard any from their hand on their turn. This includes any Plus 4 wish card as an extension of the effect.
  • Officially, according to the rules, the next player may not discard another Plus 2 card to save himself and to load four cards onto the next player.
  • In addition, you may only lay the “Draw Four Suit Choice Card” if you cannot serve the suit of the discard pile, or if you have an appropriate number or action cards in your hand.
  • Another rule: You can bluff with the Plus 4 card and play it even though you would have the matching suit. However, the other player who would otherwise have to draw four may then check your hand. If you are exposed, you yourself become the target of the card.

Popular House Rules for UNO

Of course you can also play UNO with your own house rules. Combining plus-2 cards can be quite fun, as long as everyone at the table agrees.

  • Pass the hand: Make up a specific number, for example 7. When this is placed, all players must pass their hand cards clockwise to the next person.
  • Interposing: If someone plays a card that you have in your hand in the same suit and number, you may interpose it. We advise you not to include action cards in this, because it’s not much fun in the long run.
  • Lightning reaction: If a certain number is played, all the other players hit the draw pile as quickly as possible. Whoever is too slow and the last to react must draw two penalty cards.
  • New hand cards: If you play a previously determined number, all hand cards go into a pile. Shuffle this well and then distribute it evenly among all the players. This is especially nice for those who had countless cards in their hand.

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