Vibes: Meaning and use in youth language

by Johannes

The meaning of the youth word “vibes” can be derived from English, as is so often the case in youth language. Translated, the word means “mood”, “vibration” or even “radiance”.

The meaning of “vibes “

When you use the word “vibes”, you can use it to describe a certain feeling that a person, an action or a situation triggers in you.

  • The expression is therefore primarily used to describe a mood you feel yourself.
  • Frequently it is combined with an English adjective such as “happy”, “bad”, “sad” or “excited”.
  • In addition, a distinction is often made between “good vibes” and “bad vibes”, i.e. between good and bad moods.
  • For example, on the music streaming platform Spotify you can find music playlists called “Good Vibes”, which contain only good mood songs, but also playlists called “Sad Vibes”, which contain rather sad songs.

The correct use of the youth word

The best way to incorporate the term “vibes” into your own usage is to associate it with a feeling or mood you experience because of a person or situation.

  • For example, if you want to say that someone has a good vibe, you can say, “I like XY a lot. He has a positive vibe that I like. “
  • The same works if you are less fond of a person. An example sentence would be: “I don’t like her. She always gives off bad vibes. “
  • A party or meeting can also be described in a similar way with the use of “vibes. “
  • About the party you could say, “I really like the party, there’s just a nice vibe here. “

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