What does closing date actually mean? Simply explained

by Flo

The closing date means the date on which it is last possible to send in something. As a rule, the postal deadline is legally binding. However, exceptions are possible, which is why you should read the information from the organiser thoroughly in advance.

What the closing date is

The closing date is an exact date by which something must be posted or received by the recipient.

  • Which rule applies can be found in the conditions of participation or the information provided by the organiser. These are also legally binding.
  • However, the postmark date is usually also considered to be the closing date. It can be problematic if the mail arrives very late, for example because it was lost and only turns up again months later.
  • The deadline with postmark date is often found in raffles and competitions. If the letter arrives late, the organisers may award alternative prizes or prizes of equal value at a later date.
  • The closing date with the date of receipt by the recipient, on the other hand, is more likely to be encountered in the case of factual concerns, for example deadlines for applications.

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