Cat only eats gravy from wet food: what you can do

by Pramith

If your cat only eats the gravy from wet food, you should find out why and what you can do about it

Cat only eats the gravy from wet food: Possible reasons

If your cat only eats the gravy from the wet food, it is not getting all the nutrients it needs in the long term. You should know the reasons for this behavior.

  • So a simple reason may be that she doesn’t like the taste of the solid part of the food.
  • However, if she has eaten the food in the past, the reasons may be completely different.
  • For example, if she has inflammation or other injuries in her mouth, chewing can be painful for her and she will then switch to liquid food.
  • Sometimes swallowing difficulties can also cause her to avoid coarse food.
  • Check that your cat’s water bowl is full. This is because thirst can often lead to this behavior.

How to solve the problem

In order for your cat to develop normal eating behavior again, you have to do something.

  • So the first step is to change the food to see if it was the cat’s taste.
  • The drinking water should also be refilled if it is empty or out of date.
  • Check whether you can see any inflammation in the cat’s teeth or mouth.
  • These can be recognized by swollen gums or pain sounds when the cat eats or yawns. Increased swallowing can also be a symptom
  • To rule out the possibility that the cat has inflammation or even internal injuries, it is better to pay a visit to the vet. They will then be able to help directly

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