Why airplanes are white: We explain

by Johannes

Why airplanes are white has to do with the effect of the sun’s rays. The light color reflects them best, which is why most manufacturers rely on it

Aircraft: Why they are white

As a rule, aircraft have at least a white base color. They are usually painted with the airline’s logo, as it should be clear at first glance who owns the aircraft.

  • The main reason for the white color is that it creates a cooling effect. White reflects sunlight better than other colors. The aircraft therefore does not heat up as much and the air conditioning does not have to work as hard. This in turn means considerable fuel savings.
  • White is also a standard color. This is usually included in the purchase price. A paint finish in a different color is a special paint finish and costs considerably more.
  • Another reason for the white color is that airlines often only lease the aircraft and do not buy them. The aircraft is then only fitted with the logo and can also be quickly returned to its original condition when the lease expires.

Aircraft with special paint finishes

Most aircraft are actually white. However, some airlines also want a special livery. These aircraft stand out in particular.

  • For example, the airline Alitalia flies an Airbus with the registration EI-DSW with printed advertising for an American SUV. This is intended to generate advertising revenue because the airline is flying at a loss
  • The airline Etihad flies a Dreamliner with the registration A6-BLH in a special livery with Italian sights. The motto of this livery is “Choose Italy.”
  • The Japanese also come in colorful colors. An All Nippon Airways (ANA) A380 was given a special orange livery in Hamburg.
  • A China Eastern Airlines aircraft with the registration number B-6507 flies with an advertising imprint for the Chinese Disney Resort.
  • A Boeing 737-800 operated by United Airlines in the USA has been given a special black livery. It is dedicated to the release of a new Star Wars movie. Unfortunately, the kerosene consumption will probably be a lot higher

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