Macbook keyboard shortcuts: The Top 5

by Flo

Key combinations or shortcuts can also make your work easier on MacBook and Mac. We show you the five best

Helpful keyboard shortcuts on the MacBook

You should definitely know these five shortcuts:

  1. Unfortunately, most MacBook keyboards lack the Delete key. Use the combination “fn” + “Backspace” (delete/backspace) to retrofit “entf”.
  2. Use the combination “cmd” + “Tab” to switch between all active applications.

  3. Press “cmd” + “Space” to open “Spotlight” and search your Mac for files and applications.
  4. Use the key combination “cmd” + “Shift” + “4” to create a screenshot in sections. With the crosshairs that appear, simply drag the area that you want to depict.
  5. Hold down a letter for a long time and a pop-up opens with umlauts, special characters and accents. If you press the number under the special character, it is inserted. The function is available from Mac OS X Lion.


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