Microsoft Loop: What exactly is the Loop component?

by Corinna

With the Microsoft Loop platform, Microsoft is moving from Teams to an agile platform for project teams. Loop was launched in 2021

This is the Microsoft Loop component

Microsoft Loop includes many options for working together in a cooperative and agile way in flat hierarchies. The component is designed to increase productivity by providing well thought-out solutions and templates.

  • You can invite team members and name and assign roles to give the team a structure.
  • The resulting next steps can be distributed directly in team decisions after a brainstorming session.
  • Tasks can also be distributed and processes defined. For this purpose, it is possible to set priorities, define milestones or set deadlines.
  • You can record and note meetings online so that they can be accessed at any time.
  • All members have a say in team decisions, so that a flat hierarchy in distributed teams improves the working atmosphere.
  • A great deal of importance is attached to ensuring that members are always involved and can share their opinions on certain points. In this way, the working process can be actively shaped
  • Not least, templates can be used for modern and agile project management methods such as Kanban boards, project wiki, problem definition, review or stand-up meetings.

Enable Microsoft Loop

Microsoft Loop is an app in Microsoft 365 (formerly Office). You can find all the relevant apps in the app overview on the homepage or in the relevant app. Loop is one of them.

  • Since March 2023, the Microsoft Loop component has been included as a standalone app in Microsoft 365 (Office).
  • You therefore need a Microsoft account with a Microsoft 365 license. You may have already been assigned such an account through work, school or university.
  • There is also a mobile app that should make working in iOS or Android even easier.

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