Garmin does not sync: How to fix the problem

by Pramith

If your Garmin does not sync with the app, this can have various reasons. However, the problems are usually easy to fix

Garmin doesn’t sync: Here’s how to get it working again

There are several reasons why the Garmin does not synchronise. You can solve the problem in several ways.

  • Pairing: If the Garmin is not paired with your smartphone, the data cannot be synchronised. To check, tap “More” in the Garmin Connect app and then tap “Garmin devices”. If your device does not appear there, you can connect it to your smartphone under “Add device”.
  • Updates: Another reason for problems can be outdated device software. To update it, you must first download and install “Garmin Express” on your computer. Now connect the charged Garmin device to your computer and follow the on-screen instructions to perform updates.
  • Restart: Sometimes it can help to restart your smartphone and Garmin device at the same time. After restarting, open the Connect app and try to synchronise the devices again.
  • Bluetooth: A common reason, but one that can be easily fixed, is a missing Bluetooth connection, so check that this feature is turned on on both devices.
  • Distance: Too much distance can also make synchronisation difficult. Therefore, make sure that the device is close enough to your smartphone.
  • Reinstall app: Another way to fix connectivity problems is to delete the Garmin Connect app from your smartphone and then reinstall it.
  • Repair: If the previous tips do not help, you can disconnect the devices and reconnect them. To do this, first tap on “More” in the app, then on “Garmin devices” and then on the device that you want to pair again. Now tap on “Remove device” in the top right-hand corner and then reconnect it.

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