PLN file: What you need to know about the file format

by Pramith

A PLN file contains data and 3D models for the architecture sector. They can only be opened with the appropriate software

PLN file: Use ArchiCAD to open

If you want to open a PLN file, you need the right architecture program.

  • PLN files are used exclusively by the architecture program ArchiCAD. They contain information and models for interior and exterior construction and design projects.
  • This is more precisely a graphics file for ArchiCAD. After opening it, you will primarily receive 3D models that are used by architects.
  • Attention: PLN files are also used by Microsoft Flight Simulator. However, they contain important flight plans for the simulator and no architecture data.
  • For this reason, they cannot be used with ArchiCAD. Likewise, PLN files from ArchiCAD cannot be used with Flight Simulator. These are different file formats:

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