Use ChatGPT for math: Is that possible?

by Mike

Solving math problems with ChatGPT sounds tempting. Whether artificial intelligence can also help here depends entirely on

ChatGPT can only solve math problems to a limited extent

ChatGPT is a language model that strings words together in a logical order based on training data. This also has an effect on the model’s ability to calculate.

  • ChatGPT can almost always solve simple arithmetic tasks and problems known from the Internet and also provide a calculation path.
  • Even for simple arithmetic problems, which are unlikely to occur in source code, ChatGPT has now made adjustments. This means that large numbers are usually added up correctly
  • However, the results or even the calculation steps and explanations of the artificial intelligence are not always correct, especially for more complicated mathematical tasks. Tasks from the math exam, for example, cannot always be solved correctly with AI.
  • The perfidious thing about it: ChatGPT always gives an answer, even if it is not 100 percent certain that it is correct. You should therefore be able to manually check every calculation that ChatGPT performs and do this in detail

Help with math: These tools work better

If ChatGPT does not lead to the (correct) result, it is worth taking a look at the alternatives. There is a whole range of programs and apps that specialize in solving math problems.

  • With the Photomath app, you can simply take a photo of your problem and the algorithm will provide you with the solution and the calculation method. In some cases, this even works with textbook problems. However, the app is often unable to cope with more complex problems that go beyond school mathematics.
  • The online service Wolfram Alpha can also deal with complex problems in advanced mathematics and interpret natural language. However, solutions are only available with a paid subscription or via smartphone app for a one-off payment.
  • The free GeoGebra app can draw and derive functions and calculate the values at certain points. This allows you to find zero, extreme and inflection points in no time at all.

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