Skype emoji and smileys: how to find secret emotes

by Corinna

Emojis spice up every Skype chat. In addition to the well-known standards, Skype offers other secret emotes with which you can visualise your feelings in a funny way. We explain how you can find the secret Skype emoticons.

How to find the default Skype Emoticons

Skype comes pre-installed with a number of unusual emotes – here’s how to include them in your chat:

  • During a chat, simply click on the small smiley at the bottom right of the chat window.
  • In the menu window you will then find the familiar emoticons such as 🙂 or ;).
  • But also emoticon exotics like the dancing and moonwalking John Travolta are listed there.
  • Alternatively, you can also add the smiley via a text command in the chat window. To do this, simply enter the emoticon phrase in English in brackets (…) in the chat window – for example: (devil)

Secret emoticons for Skype

Skype offers hidden emoticons in addition to the standard smileys from the selection – i.e. emotes whose “secret” text command you need to know:

  • Some of the more harmless ones are (drunk), (wait), (highfive) or (swear). Somewhat more suggestive are (mooning), (finger) or (wtf).
  • With (malthe), (tauri) or (oliver), Skype spends some funny face smileys on you.For real metal freaks, (rock) or (headbang) are recommended; and if you drank too much (beer) at the (party), you can tell others the result with (puke).
  • Have you ever seen a smoking smiley? Try it out with (smoking).
  • You can also get a fleeing emoticon with (gottarun).
  • You can play the dog trainer with (toivo).
  • A nasty bug you get to face with (bug).
  • Or just have a (pool party) in Skype.
  • If you’re finally ready to go on holiday, (island) is the emoticon for you.
  • With (gift) you give a gift.
  • (umbrella) protects you from a shower.
  • A paparazzo takes your picture with (zilmer).
  • You can find more secret smileys on Skype in this practical tip. In the meantime, however, even more have been added – you can find the overview here.

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