What is an update? Term simply explained

by Pramith

You need to know what an update is if you work with computers. All mobile devices and programmes that you use also need an update from time to time. This is to fix bugs and add new features.

What an update is – a simple explanation

The English term update has a simple meaning. Translated, it means something like update.

  • An update is needed when a programme, an app or a computer system needs to be renewed. Bugs are fixed and improvements are added.
  • For example, if you use a programme for video editing, it has many functions, such as five filters. After the update, you will have eight filters at your disposal.
  • When a website is updated, the same changes are made here. After the update you will find, for example, more pictures or a new website structure.
  • Updates do not have to be visible. It’s not just about making visual changes. An update is often used to close security gaps.
  • An update contains minor changes that are free of charge for you. An upgrade, on the other hand, means something like an upgrade. Upgrades are usually chargeable.
  • For example, if you download an upgrade of a programme, it is usually a paid-for, new version of the programme that contains many new features and changes from the old version.

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