Android TV: These disadvantages exist

by Pramith

Android TV is a customised version of the popular operating system for smartphones, but it has some disadvantages. Some popular apps are not available for the TVs and you need a Google account to use all the features

Android TV: Disadvantages

The popular operating system certainly brings some advantages to the TV. For example, Android TV gives you significantly more apps to choose from than a classic smart TV. If you already own an Android smartphone, you can use the user interface intuitively. However, the Android TV operating system also comes with a few disadvantages.

  • Google account: To benefit from all the features, you need a Google account. When you connect your smartphone to the Android TV, it will be synchronised automatically. If you have an iPhone, you must create an account with Google. If you don’t want to do this, you can still access the basic version of the Android TV.
  • App selection: Despite the wide range from the Google Play Store, there are also exceptions. Sky does not offer the Sky Q app for Android TV. Xbox Cloud Gaming is also not available for Android TV.
  • Operating functions: Google does not yet offer any special operating functions for the Android TV. LG, for example, is one step ahead with the Magic Remote.
  • Performance: This leaves much to be desired, especially with earlier versions of the system. The input and reaction of the TV seemed rather sluggish. This has been improved by software optimisations, but it can still be a problem with inexpensive devices. In high-end TVs from Sony or Phillips, the system now generally runs smoothly.

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