Disney Plus with Dolby Atmos: How to get better sound

by Pramith

Dolby Atmos is only available in Disney Plus with the right subscription. You cannot select the format yourself

Disney Plus with Dolby Atmos: Premium subscription required

If you want to use Disney Plus with Dolby Atmos, you need a specific subscription.

  • Dolby Atmos is only available via the streaming service if you subscribe to Disney Plus Premium. This is the most expensive subscription on the service.
  • You pay €11.99 per month or €119.90 per year for Disney Plus Premium. This allows you to use Dolby Atmos for all supported titles
  • You can check Dolby Atmos compatibility via the details of the respective title. This option can be found in the movie or series description.
  • Available in the following formats will show you all the audio standards supported for this title. If it says Dolby Atmos, you can watch it in the specific audio quality with a Premium subscription.

Disney Plus: Activate Dolby Atmos

Disney Plus does not require any specific settings to use Dolby Atmos when streaming.

  • The streaming service automatically selects the highest audio quality. This depends on the selected title and the hardware used.
  • This means that your playback device must support Dolby Atmos so that you can use the audio standard. Therefore, before streaming, check whether your playback device is currently set to the highest audio quality so that Disney Plus can adjust it
  • Important: Dolby Atmos on Disney Plus requires a sufficiently fast internet connection. Otherwise there may be problems with playback and quality.

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