Downloading errors: The most common causes and solutions

by Pramith

File download errors happen again and again, much to the chagrin of all Internet users. We will show you what usually causes them and how to solve the problem.

Downloading errors – that’s the reason

In most cases, even very small problems cause downloads to stop. Their solutions are correspondingly simple.

  • First you should check your Internet connection and then try again. Often, interruptions in the data connection are responsible for the failure to download files. An unstable connection can also cause the error by only briefly interrupting the connection during the download.
  • Some browsers block downloads that pose a security risk. To check this, view your downloads and see if there is a notice next to the download in question. Here you will also be informed about other download errors. Learn how to view your downloads in Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge here.
  • Make sure you have enough space for your download at your destination. Make space on your hard drive if necessary.
  • In case all downloads fail, you can change the download folder of your browser. Instructions for Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge can be found here. You may not have write permissions in the affected folder due to an error.
  • The problem does not always have to lie with you, however: It often happens that the address of a download link is incorrect. In this case, you can do no more than download the file from another website. It can also happen that the server with the file is not accessible. In this case, it is advisable to restart the download in a few hours.
  • Tip: Downloads are usually more successful with a download manager tool. JDownloader, for example, can also continue downloads that have been interrupted or interrupted.

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