Android 14 battery warning – How it works

by Pramith

With Android 14 comes a new battery warning that will notify you in time that your phone is about to turn off.

New battery warning with Android 14

Google has released an interesting new feature in the first preview of Android 14 that can protect you from your phone failing. It is about a warning that is displayed when the battery life is acutely coming to an end. So in future you should be better protected against a sudden switch-off of your smartphone and have the possibility to recharge it in time.

  • Everyone knows the traditional notifications when the battery is low by 20 or 10 per cent. However, from Android 14 onwards, there will be a “Very Low Battery” notification for the battery status, which will be displayed when the battery level is 2 per cent.
  • The warning will also be displayed in the notification bar to let you know that the smartphone is about to run out.
  • Depending on your smartphone and usage, you will then have a few minutes left to find a charging option.
  • Google wants to prevent you from being surprised by an empty smartphone when you’re on the move, for example.
  • While there are also corresponding battery warning apps in the Google Play Store, a native integration into the operating system is usually more user-friendly.
  • Caution: So far it is not clear whether this feature will really be integrated into Android 14, as features may also be dropped from the preview.

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