Android: Activate automatic time change

by Johannes

In this practical tip, we explain how to activate the automatic time change on Android. With most newer models, the time change usually works on its own.

Enable automatic time changeover

With most newer models on the market, the time change already happens automatically. As long as the correct time zone is set on your smartphone, you should have few problems. If the automatic time change does not work for you, you should do the following:

  • Navigate to the settings menu of your smartphone. The changeover varies slightly depending on the manufacturer and model, but usually follows this pattern:
  • Tap on the menu item “Date & Time”. If necessary, this is located under the superordinate menu item “General Administration”.
  • There you will find the sub-item “Autom. date/time”. Activate this function.
  • Your time is now obtained from the network and changes automatically.
  • The “Automatic Time Zone” function, when activated, automatically changes to the time zone of your network. For an accurate time, it is advisable to activate this item as well.

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