Delete chat on WhatsApp: This is what the other chat partner sees

by Pramith

You can delete your chat in WhatsApp. We tell you whether the other person sees this and what exactly happens when you remove it.

This is what the other person sees when you delete a chat in WhatsApp

It can happen quickly that a message ends up in the wrong group or is sent to the wrong contact. You can delete the text in the following way:

  • Press your finger on an individual message in the chat for a moment to highlight it. Clicking above the bin icon “Delete for all” will remove the text.
  • You will then see this information: “You have deleted this message. “
  • Your chat partner or the other participants in the WhatsApp group see the text: “This message has been deleted. “instead of the original message.
  • The chat partner is informed about the deletion of the chat message in WhatsApp. Although he or she can no longer read the content, the other person knows that you have deleted something.
  • If you select “Delete for me” instead, the message disappears from your chat. No placeholder appears. The message remains unchanged with the chat partner.
  • In addition to the function to delete individual messages, you can also delete the entire chat history in WhatsApp via the menu. However, this does not serve to delete the chat for the other person as well.
  • The function instead allows you to free up storage space on your smartphone. For yourself, the chat is deleted, the other person still sees the entire history.

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