Google Pixel 6: Fingerprint sensor on 6 Pro and 6a

by Flo

If you want to unlock your Google Pixel 6, 6 Pro or 6a by fingerprint, you have to set up the function once. We’ll show you how to avoid entering the code in the future.

Unlock Google Pixel 6 with fingerprint

The Google Pixel 6 has the fingerprint sensor built in below the display. So you can reach it comfortably even if you only hold the phone with one hand.

  • First, open the “Settings” app on your Google Pixel 6.
  • Select the “Security” category here.
  • Now select “Unlock by fingerprint”.
  • Follow the further instructions for setting up. If you have not yet set another unlock method, you must first store an alternative such as a PIN.
  • During setup, you will be asked repeatedly to place your finger on the sensor in different positions to cover all areas.
  • Once the process is complete, you can lock your phone and then unlock it by placing your finger on the sensor.

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