How to change the PIN of your Android smartphone

by Johannes

You can change the PIN of your Android smartphone at any time. Of course, this also applies to all other mobile phones. We show you how to do this in our tip.

Change PIN on Android smartphone

If you want to change the PIN of the SIM card, you must do this in the security settings of your phone. To do this, open the “Settings” on your home screen.

  • Scroll down to the item “Biometric data and security”. There you will find the selection “Other security settings”.
  • Here you will find the sub-item “Set up SIM lock”. Open this.
  • In the next window, determine whether you want to change the PIN or switch off the query.
  • If you select “Change PIN of SIM card”, you will be prompted to enter your current PIN. Now enter the new PIN and again to confirm. If the numbers match, your PIN has been successfully changed.

Set lock screen

Not only the SIM card can be locked with a secret code. You can also protect your mobile phone from unauthorised access. To do this, you must activate the lock screen in the settings of your smartphone.

  • Find the section “Lock screen”. Now go to the item “Lock screen type”.
  • In the following menu, you can define how you want to protect your phone. If you set up a password, you will get a high level of protection.

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