Instagram does not open – This can help

by Mike

If Instagram no longer opens, this can be due to your smartphone or PC as well as Instagram itself. We show you how to solve the most common problems with Instagram and regain access to the social network

Instagram no longer opens: This can help

Go through the following points step by step. Usually the problem should be solved within the first three steps.

  • First switch your smartphone completely off and on again. Small errors in the cache are thus solved.
  • Check if your internet connection is working. Try opening Instagram on your smartphone via the app as well as via the website on your PC. Also switch between mobile data and WLAN to rule out the connection as a source of error.
  • Delete the Instagram app and then download Instagram for iOS or Instagram for Android again. Personal data will not be lost.
  • If logging in to Instagram does not work, try logging in via Facebook as well as via your username. In many cases, this will already help you.
  • If you no longer receive notifications from Instagram, open your profile in the app and select “Settings” in the top right menu. In the “Notifications” section, you can now turn them on if they are not active.

Instagram not working: server overloaded?

If Instagram’s servers are overloaded or there are other problems, you can no longer use the service until further notice. In such a case, there is unfortunately only one thing you can do: Wait and see.

  • You can find all the latest user feedback on Instagram on the AlleStö website. If there is a widespread problem, there should be several hundred error messages.
  • Find more information about server problems on Instagram.

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