Restarting the Samsung Galaxy S22 – this is how it works

by Pramith

If you want to restart the Samsung Galaxy S22, you can do this using a certain key combination. It is also possible to force a restart using this key combination.

Restart the Samsung Galaxy S22: This is how you proceed

You can no longer access the menu to restart the Samsung Galaxy S22 by pressing and holding the power button. Instead, this launches the Bixby voice assistant.

  • To restart the smartphone anyway, press the power button and the volume down button and hold these buttons down for a few seconds.
  • The familiar menu then appears. Here you can restart the smartphone using the corresponding button.
  • Tap the power icon at the top right and then select “Restart”.

Force Samsung Galaxy S22 restart: How to do it

If the Samsung Galaxy S22 no longer turns on, you can also force restart the smartphone.

  • To do this, press the Volume Down button and the Power button at the same time and hold both buttons down for at least seven seconds.
  • The smartphone shuts down. It will then restart automatically.

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