Samsung Galaxy S10: This SIM card you need

by Pramith

Have you bought a new Samsung Galaxy S10, you may be wondering which SIM card you need to use it. All Galaxy S10 models come with a hybrid SIM tray. You can read about which cards you can use here.

Samsung Galaxy S10: You need this SIM card

The Samsung Galaxy S10 models all support dual-sim.

  • If you want to use your smartphone with two sim cards, they must be two nano SIMs.
  • By the way, if your SIM card is not the right size, we will show you how to cut a nano SIM card in a separate article.
  • Then you can make calls with two different numbers and be reachable under both numbers.
  • Before each outgoing call, you can decide which number you want to call. The same applies to sending SMS messages.
  • You can call both numbers at the same time, so you can always be reached on both numbers
  • If you have enough phone numbers, you can expand the memory of your Samsung Galaxy S10 by using the Hybrid SIM tray.
  • Instead of two nano-SIMs, you can also place only one nano-SIM and a micro SD card in the slot.

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