How to convert WhatsApp voice messages to text

by Pramith

WhatsApp voice messages can be quickly and easily converted to text using an additional app

How to convert WhatsApp voice messages to text

You cannot display a WhatsApp voice message directly as text. An additional app is required for this. If you have installed the relevant app, simply click and hold on the voice message, then click on “Share” or “Forward” and select the app as the “Recipient”.

  • iOS: The iOS app Textify turns your voice messages into text messages. You can also convert a voice message to text with the Transcribe and Voicepop apps.
  • Android: The free Textr app is available for all Android smartphones. Alternatively, you can use the Transcriber for WhatsApp app for transcription.
  • Important: When converting spoken language into text, individual words may not be recognized correctly. However, due to the sentence context and the similar sound, you can easily deduce the correct word in most cases.

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