Scan the snapcode: It’s that easy

by Johannes

Snapcodes are the QR codes on Snapchat that you can easily scan with your smartphone to add new contacts in the app

How to scan a Snapcode

If you want to scan a Snapcode on Snapchat, it only takes a few seconds. However, you must first open the app – you cannot scan the QR-like code with your normal cell phone camera. How to add someone on Snapchat with the snapcode:

  • Open the Snapchat app and log in. The Snapchat camera will start automatically
  • Hold the camera over the Snapcode that you see on a friend’s smartphone, for example, and tap it with your finger.
  • Press and hold the snapcode with your finger until it has been scanned.

What snapcodes are good for

Snapcodes are square, yellow and have a ghost in the middle. They can be seen as a kind of business card for your own Snapchat profile.

  • Instead of sending a link to your Snapchat account, you can simply send a Snapcode or show it on your own cell phone if you are standing next to each other and want to exchange Snapchat data.
  • Sometimes Snapcodes can also be seen on billboards, in advertising or on posters – these then lead to the Snapchat pages of companies or celebrities.
  • Certain filters or exclusive Snapchat content can also sometimes be discovered using the Snapcodes.

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