What does the green circle on WhatsApp mean? Simply explained

by Corinna

What the green circle on WhatsApp means is something that users of the app have been asking themselves ever since the messenger introduced this display

What the green circle on WhatsApp means: New status

WhatsApp changes regularly, but what all the colors, symbols and displays mean is not always self-explanatory. If you see a green circle around a person’s profile picture, it means there is a status update.

  • You can upload pictures, links or videos in the WhatsApp status and share them with all your contacts – or only selected people. As soon as someone has posted a new status, this becomes visible with a green circle around the profile picture
  • The green circle is displayed in the contact overview as well as in the chat or on the profile page. As soon as you tap on it, you will see the status and can view the uploaded sequences
  • Good to know: The green circle changes visually depending on how many status posts someone has made. A status image is indicated by a continuous circle. Multiple sequences appear in a dashed circle, with each dash representing a status message.
  • Once you have viewed the status, the green circle disappears automatically.

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