Sim card for children: The best offers

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SIM cards for children – that can make perfect sense: children are coming into contact with smartphones and tablets at an increasingly early age and sooner or later they will also need a SIM card for the devices. In this practical tip, we tell you which tariffs are best suited for children.

SIM card for children: What you should look out for

  • In principle, children should use a prepaid contract. This not only gives parents control over costs, but also teaches children how to manage money. Usually 10 to 25 euros are paid into the prepaid SIM and the credit is then used for flat rates.
  • To learn how to handle money, you should do without the automatic top-up of mobile phone providers. If the credit is empty, parents and child should top up the credit manually together.
  • Tariffs that are advertised especially for children usually do not have much of an advantage. In some cases, the prices per minute for making calls are comparatively high. It is therefore better to opt for a normal tariff in the lower price segment.
  • You should not do without an Internet flat rate even for children. Without a flat rate, even adults can quickly use up a large amount of mobile data unintentionally or unknowingly. Without a flat rate, the entire credit balance is then quickly gone.
  • Many providers have graduated tariffs that you can easily change every month. If you start with a rather low tariff, you can always change it if you need to.

Comparison of providers: The best SIM cards for children

  • The WhatsAll 4000 tariff from WhatsApp SIM is particularly attractive for children and young people. For 10 euros a month, you get 4000 units for SMS, calls and data volume in MB. You can divide up the 4000 units as you wish. If the units are used up, you can still use WhatsApp for free.
  • Aldi Talk offers the S package for 7.99 euros a month. For this you get unlimited SMS and calls, as well as 3 GB of data volume. A balanced offer at a reasonable price.
  • Generally, it’s worth taking a look at Discotel’s tariffs. They start at 4.95 euros / month, for example, and include 100 free minutes for calls or text messages and 1 GB data volume.

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