Switch off NFC – this is how it works

by Michaela

Whether it’s to save power or because of security concerns – if you don’t use the function, you can switch off NFC on your smartphone. We show you how to do this for most smartphones.

Android: Turn off NFC in the settings

Depending on the user interface, the menu items may be named differently. However, the basic location of the NFC settings are the same on every Android smartphone:

  • Open the system settings via the app icon with the grey gearwheel.
  • Go to the “Connections” category. For some manufacturers, the menu is called “Wireless and Networks”, where you need to tap on “Advanced” or “More”.
  • Here you will find a slider that allows you to easily turn NFC on and off.
  • Eventually, you will also find the Android Beam option here, which allows you to share app content between smartphones. For example, you have the option to prohibit mutual data exchange without completely switching off NFC.
  • Swipe down from the top of the screen on your smartphone and repeat the gesture again, you will find some quick options. Here, too, you will often find the option to turn off NFC by pressing a button.

iOS: NFC cannot be turned off separately

If you use an iPad or iPhone, you cannot easily switch off the NFC function. There is no separate menu item for this as there is on Android phones.

  • From Apple’s point of view, it is simply not necessary to switch off the NFC chip. According to Apple, the device is protected against unauthorised access from the outside anyway.
  • If you still want to deactivate Near Field Communication on your iOS device, you must use flight mode. This cuts all radio connections of the device in one fell swoop.
  • To activate flight mode, go to the settings and tap the button behind “Flight mode” at the very top.

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