What does Dual SIM mean? The smartphone function explained

by Flo

If you’re wondering what a dual SIM smartphone actually is, then you’ve come to the right place. In this practical tip, we explain what is behind the term and for what purposes such a smartphone is suitable.

What does Dual SIM mean?

If you decide to buy such a mobile phone, you will get a smartphone that is equipped with two SIM card slots. This is where the term “dual” comes from. Except for the two SIM card slots, it is usually a normal mobile phone.

  • You can use the SIM cards of a dual SIM smartphone alternately. This means: if necessary, you use either the first or the second SIM card. You can then be reached under two different numbers, which provide better separation.
  • Depending on the model, the SIM cards of the dual SIM smartphone can also be used simultaneously. In this case, you have two telephone numbers under which you can be reached at the same time.
  • It is important that you can use the first SIM card – the main card – for all mobile phone features. With the second card, you sometimes get fewer options and, depending on the model, can actually only use it for making calls.

Why do you need a dual SIM phone?

If you decide to get a dual SIM smartphone, it has many advantages. We show you what you can use such a mobile phone for, among other things.

  • With a dual SIM phone, you can receive private and business calls on the same device. You also have peace of mind when you take out or deactivate the business SIM card at the end of the day or when you’re on holiday.
  • If you are constantly changing SIM cards in your mobile phone anyway, you don’t have to. You can decide which phone number you want to use for communication.
  • You save space because you only have to carry one mobile phone instead of two.
  • You can also use a dual SIM phone when you are abroad or if you regularly want to use different tariffs from different providers.

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