E-Scooter VOI: These are the costs

by Johannes

Many different companies, including the Swedish provider VOI, offer e-scooters for rent. Especially in the big city, this popular means of transport is becoming a real alternative to the underground and the like.

VOI: The cost of renting the e-scooters

VOI is represented in many European countries. In addition to Sweden, the provider also supplies Finland, Denmark, Portugal, Spain and France with e-scooters and bicycles.

  • Since the e-scooters have also been approved for German road traffic, the company is also expanding in Germany.
  • The first fleets were ready in Berlin and Potsdam. In Berlin alone, 100 e-scooters are already available via the VOI app.
  • In the meantime, VOI offers the rental service in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Munich, Nuremberg and Stuttgart.
  • If you want to drive an e-scooter from VOI, you pay one Euro to unlock the vehicle. You are then charged per minute that you are on the road.
  • You can find out exactly how much you pay for the ride in the app. Exactly how much you pay for the fun of driving can be found on the app. VOI has not published a list of exactly how much the e-scooter rental fee is. The reason for this is that the price per minute is influenced by various factors.
  • For one thing, the cost depends on which model you choose. There are three different variants of e-scooters to choose from. In addition, according to the provider, the price varies depending on the day, time and city in which you rent an e-scooter.
  • If you want to use the vehicles more often, a day pass for 6.99 euros or a monthly pass for 39 euros (as of 7/2021) is an option. But be careful: a daily or monthly pass does not mean that you can use the vehicle for an unlimited period of time. It is worth taking a look at VOI’s terms of use here.
  • With a daily or monthly pass, travel is limited to 45 minutes. If you travel longer than this, you will be charged the standard fare for each additional minute. You may also make a maximum of ten journeys per day and not exceed a total of 200 minutes of use.
  • It is also important to know that the VOI pass is only valid in the city where it was purchased.

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