Ford: How to change the battery in the key

by Johannes

To change the battery in your Ford key, you must proceed carefully so that the sensitive plastic housing is not damaged

Changing the battery in the Ford key: How it works

If the battery in your electric Ford car key is running low, you need a quick solution. You can take the key to the dealer or try to change the battery yourself. Depending on the key model, there may be slight variations when replacing the battery. However, the following procedure is generally recommended:

  • To open the housing, press the two buttons on the side of the key until the cover, on which the Ford logo can be seen, lifts slightly:
  • You can now remove the cover with the logo and put it aside for the time being. You will now see the spare key. Take this out of the plastic tray as well
  • Now you have a clear view of the inside of your remote control key and can see a bulge about 4 mm long near the key ring. This is where you need to start to carefully prise open the housing
  • A slotted screwdriver, for example, is a suitable tool. However, to minimize the risk of damage, you can also use another sturdy plastic object with the correct side length.
  • Apply the tool and turn it carefully. This will open the two halves of your car key.
  • Before removing the battery, note which side is facing up so that you can insert the replacement battery correctly. This will often be a CR 2032 button cell, but there are also models with other battery requirements.
  • Press the edge of the battery with your thumb so that it lifts slightly. If necessary, help a little with your tool to release the battery from the socket.
  • Then place the new battery in the metal holder at a slight angle and press it into the device on the other side.

How to reassemble the parts of your Ford key correctly

Assembling your car key is a little easier than opening the housing.

  • First place the two plastic halves exactly on top of each other and press them firmly together all the way round until they click into place.
  • Do not forget to put your spare key back in the casing for emergencies.
  • Finally, attach the cover with the logo and your key is ready for use again.

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