Trapped plastic bottles on cars: This is why you should call the police.

by Johannes

If you notice jammed plastic bottles on cars, you should alert the police. Because behind this is most likely an attempt to steal the car. In this practical tip, we tell you exactly how the trick works and how you can protect yourself from the scam.

Homemade trick: thieves use jammed plastic bottles on cars

The trick is simple but effective. If you see that a plastic bottle is wedged between your tyre and the wheel arch, you should be careful or call the police directly. The reason:

  • The car thief puts a plastic bottle between the wheel arch and the tyre on the passenger side. He will stay close by and watch the vehicle.
  • If you get into your car, there is a fairly good chance that you will not notice the jammed bottle on the passenger side.
  • As soon as you want to drive off, the plastic bottle will make loud noises and alert you.
  • To check for the problem, get out of the car. Most likely, you will not turn off the engine to do this.
  • This is when the thief strikes: you go to the passenger side and the thief sneaks up to get in the driver’s side and drive away.
  • This method is simple and can go wrong if you switch off the engine and take the ignition key with you. But it has worked often enough. Thieves don’t have to break into the car or even hot-wire it, which makes the theft much easier.

Thus the trick is known

No cases have yet been reported in Germany in which car thieves have tried to steal a vehicle in this way. But such easy-to-implement approaches are quickly becoming popular internationally as well.

  • For the first time, thefts carried out using the plastic bottle trick have been reported in South Africa.
  • A number of copycat offenders have also been found in the USA and Mexico.
  • Therefore, be on your guard in Germany as well. As a precaution, pull out the key if you hear strange noises or have to get out for any other reason.

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