Mobile phone while cycling: Allowed or not?

by Michaela

Using a mobile phone while cycling can quickly become life-threatening. Therefore, it is important to know whether and to what extent the smartphone may be carried along.

Mobile phone while cycling – this is permitted

Just as with your car, when cycling in Germany the rule applies that the mobile phone may only be used if it does not have to be held in the hand for this purpose. By using your mobile phone, you are distracted and endanger yourself and other road users.

  • If you are caught on a bicycle with a mobile phone in your hands or even cause an accident, then the whole thing can cost 55-100€.
  • If you need your smartphone for navigation, a mobile phone holder is recommended. This way you have your hands free and do not endanger anyone.
  • Messages must also not be typed while driving, as you also need your hands for this and are therefore distracted.
  • Listening to music on your smartphone is also allowed, provided you have the phone stowed somewhere. However, the music must be quiet enough so that you can still hear the traffic. If you don’t take this into account, it will also cost you at least 15€.

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