What is polyester made of? Simply explained

by Tobias

What polyester is made of can be interesting if you are concerned with microfibres and chemistry. But even if you just want to avoid petroleum, this info can help.

What is polyester made of? Things to know about the synthetic fibre

Polyester is made of PET, which stands for polyethylene terephthalate, a chemical product that is a synthetic fibre made from various carbon sources, such as coal, petroleum or natural gas. PET is used in plastic bottles, but is also used in clothing.

  • Polyester, known since the 1940s, is melted as polyester granules and then spun into threads using the melt spinning process. The polyester threads can then be used to make bracelets or clothing, for example.
  • In the process, the molten mass is fed through a spinneret into a shaft with cold air. There, the plastic, heated at 280 degrees, is shaped into thread and solidified.
  • During production, the lustre, handle and fineness of the fibre can already be determined. The later product is suitable for various garments and can be easily dyed. It is often used for sportswear.

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