Removing a bad smell from your car: What you can do

by Johannes

We reveal the best tips and tricks on how to remove a bad smell from your car. To do this, we give you an overview of the most effective home remedies and how to use them correctly.

Removing a bad smell from your car: These tricks work

You can mask and eliminate bad odours in your car with a few home remedies. Vinegar, washing powder and coffee are among the most effective odour neutralisers.

  • Simply place a bowl of washing powder, coffee beans or ground coffee in your car overnight. Both home remedies will help mask unpleasant odours in your vehicle.
  • If the odour is particularly strong, household vinegar is the remedy of choice. To do this, simply place a bowl of vinegar inside the car overnight. Then air out your car well.
  • Our tips: Always try to eliminate unpleasant odours first with natural remedies such as vinegar, coffee and washing powder before resorting to chemical products such as fragrance trees or sprays. These can have a negative effect on your health if used over a long period of time.

Bad smell in the car: How to get rid of it

To prevent bad odours from forming in the first place, clean up and deep clean your car regularly. After all, odour neutralisers don’t tackle the cause of bad smells.

  • Allow some time once a month for a cleaning session where you de-clutter, vacuum and thoroughly clean all surfaces of your car.
  • If you want to get rid of stubborn cigarette smells from your car, a professionally performed ozone treatment can help. Once the smoke has settled in the upholstery, home remedies are usually powerless.
  • To prevent odours from building up in your air conditioning system, we recommend that you turn off the air conditioning and turn on the ventilation just before you stop driving so that condensation does not build up.


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