Who owns Fiat? All info

by Tobias

Most drivers are not aware of who owns Fiat. The Italian car brand is now part of a global group. The manoeuvrable cars from Italy enjoy constant popularity.

Who owns Fiat? A little clarification

Who owns Fiat has changed in recent years. Until the new millennium, Fiat S.p.A. or also known as Fiat Group still owned the brand.

  • Fiat was founded by a total of nine people in 1899. One of them was Giovanni Agnelli, the grandfather of Gianni Agnelli. This person made Fiat one of the biggest European brands from the 1960s onwards.
  • The name Fiat is an acronym for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino which can be translated into German as “Italian Automobile Factory Turin”.
  • The Fiat brand mainly manufactures passenger cars, including saloons and coupés in addition to particularly small manoeuvrable vehicles.
  • The Fiat brand was owned by Fiat S.p.A. until 2014. After that, Fiat S.p.A. and the Dutch holding group Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) joined forces.
  • 2019 followed the merger of FCA and the French PSA Group to form giants Stellantis.

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