E-Fuels: Advantages and disadvantages simply explained

by Pramith

E-Fuels come with both advantages and disadvantages. You should know these in order to make an informed decision for yourself whether you want to switch to them one day

Pros and cons of e-fuels: These are the advantages

E-Fuels come with some advantages that you should definitely know about.

  • So one very big advantage is that no petroleum is needed to produce it. The extraction of petroleum is harmful to the environment because large amounts of carbon dioxide and methane are released during the extraction process.
  • When e-fuels are used in an internal combustion engine, fewer pollutants are also released than with conventional fuels.
  • In addition, CO2 is captured during the production of e-fuels. The production of e-fuels could therefore help to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Jobs in the automotive sector, such as engine manufacturing, will be preserved as they will still be needed.
  • In addition, filling station networks will continue to be used even if e-fuels eventually replace fossil fuels.
  • Another plus point is that e-fuels are easy to transport and store, so they are always available.
  • Also, the fuel is compatible with all vehicles, so there is no need to develop new vehicles.

Disadvantages of e-fuels

E-Fuels also come with a few disadvantages.

  • One disadvantage, for example, is that e-fuels are very energy-intensive to produce, so energy is lost in the production process that could be used more effectively.
  • The efficiency of e-fuels is also comparatively low at 13 percent. This means that only 13 percent of the energy supplied to the engine can be usefully converted into kinetic energy in the end.
  • At present, Germany does not yet have enough capacity in the form of renewable energy to produce sufficient quantities of e-fuels itself. Germany would therefore have to rely on other countries.
  • In addition, e-fuels would be far more expensive for the consumer than diesel or petrol due to the high production costs as things stand at present. Flights would also become enormously more expensive.

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