Ark Unicorn Taming- Ark Survival Evolved

by Mike

The unicorn in Ark Survival Evolved is a rare mutation of the equus, or horse. You can tame it with its two types of favourite food

How to tame unicorns in Ark Survival Evolved

Unicorns were added to Ark Survival Evolved in 2017 as part of a patch. Strictly speaking, they are a rare mutation of the primeval horse Equus Magnus. Only one unicorn exists on each Ark island at a time. You can find unicorns just like normal horses on all three Ark maps. They are most common on The Island at Southern Islets. On Scorched Earth you will find them in the oases to the north, east and south and on The Center in the Southern Tropical Island area.

  • Sneak up on the unicorn from behind.
  • Place the horse’s favourite food in your bar in the rightmost space and feed it “E”. You can use different kibbles for this, Trodoon kibble is the most effective. Pure carrots are also possible.
  • Press “E” again near the animal. You sit down on its back and tame it.
  • After the appropriate prompt appears at the bottom left of the screen in the console, you must feed it again with “E”. Repeat the feeding until the unicorn is tamed.

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