Valorant Ranks: How good is your Valorant Rank?

by Johannes

In Valorant there are 9 ranks to climb in Ranked mode. The rank you start with depends on several factors.

These Valorant ranks exist

The demands and expectations on players vary drastically from rank to rank. Something that (almost) all ranks have in common is that they are each divided into three different sub-ranges.

  • Iron is the lowest rank there is in Valorant. This is not where you necessarily want to end up, as it is usually difficult to move up from Iron. The reason for this is that it is mostly players who have little to no FPS experience and this is reflected in their skill. In addition, there are often toxic players in the Iron ranks who quickly spoil the fun.
  • Bronze you become when you move up from Iron 3. From Iron to Bronze, there is a noticeable difference in the skill and marksmanship of the players. However, Map Awareness and Game Sense are still lacking here. However, the majority of players are on Bronze and Silver.
  • Silver is the rank most players are on in Valorant, and the higher you go in Silver, the more noticeable the differences from Bronze rank become. Especially in the higher Silver ranks, players communicate more with each other and pass on information about enemies and utilities. Unfortunately, this behaviour is not consistent and so matches can be mixed.
  • Gold is the rank where skills such as good crosshair placement, map awareness and game sense become much more noticeable. Gold players know more often where to stand at what time to intercept enemies and what skills to use when. They can predict more often how opponents will behave and use this knowledge to their advantage. Unfortunately, Smurf accounts are also often found on Silver and Gold.
  • From Platinum onwards, the game starts to pick up considerably. While most players stay at Bronze, Silver and Gold, Platinum is the rank that represents the first insurmountable hurdle for many players. Only around 12 per cent of the community make it here.
  • Diamond players show experienced handling of the agents they use and are clearly more accurate. They have to be, because on the Diamond Rank Game Sense and Map Awareness are clearly more pronounced in all players. A more strategic approach to attack and defence is also indispensable here. Whereas on lower ranks you could sometimes still rush in on the off chance, that is hardly possible here.
  • Ascendant is the newest rank in Valorant. It was added to streamline the Immortal rank, as the differences between the players were previously too great and a better distribution of the players was urgently needed.
  • Immortal is the penultimate rank in Valorant, where 0.7 per cent of players reside. If you have made it this far, you already belong to the elite of the community. Starting with Immortal 1, you may only register for matches solo, as a duo or as a group of five. From Immortal 1 onwards, there is no RR limit. The EU threshold for Immortal 2 is 100RR and 200RR if you want to reach Immortal 3.
  • Radiant will only be around 0.03 percent of players. If you have reached this rank, you are among the best in the Valorant community. Compared to the ranks before it, there is only one Radiant level. The peculiarity, however, is that you have to be in the top 500 players on the leaderboard as well as reach the Radiant threshold of the EU servers, which is 550RR, to be promoted to Radiant.

This is what you should look out for in Ranked mode

Although a lot of Ranked Mode depends on practice and experience to get you up ranks, there are a few things you should look out for to give yourself an advantage.

  • Make use of the communication tools in the game. Not everyone can or wants to use in-game voice chat. In this case, you should still convey information using the ping system or through the voice lines. Knowing that you have seen two opponents on a site, for example, is important information for your teammates who are at a different point.
  • Use the option to create custom games to familiarise yourself with the maps in the game. This also allows you to experiment with different abilities and practice lineups for agents like Sova, Brimstone or Viper. In this context, also familiarise yourself with the designations on the respective map so that you can pass on the correct information clearly in voice chat.
  • As in sports, it is worth warming up before a ranked session. The ranks and the Deathmatch and Team Death Match modes are suitable for this. Switch between the weapons you mainly play with in Ranked.
  • If you want to improve your own marksmanship, tools like Aimlabs, which offers a variety of training modes for Valorant, are worthwhile.

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