Battlefield 1 Crossplay: These platforms are compatible

by Pramith

Multiplayer shooters are the most fun with friends. But only with Battlefield 1 Crossplay you can also play cross-platform without restrictions

No Crossplay in Battlefield 1

Unfortunately, Battlefield 1 is not one of the games that are capable of crossplay. So it is not possible to play together if, for example, you own a PlayStation but the other player uses the PC version of the game.

  • One of the main reasons for this is different servers, each geared towards one type of console. Different hardware and other different requirements such as slightly better aiming via mouse argue against crossplay.
  • However, cross-generation is definitely possible with Battlefield 1. So if you own a PS4, for example, you can play with players using a PS5.
  • Till now it is not known if crossplay will be introduced for Battlefield 1.

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