Pokémon Ultra Violet: All about the Rome Hack

by Pramith

Pokémon Ultra Violet invites you to Kanto once again. By ROM Hack of Fire Red you can catch your starter Pokémon yourself.

Pokémon Ultra Violet: Catch 386 Pokémon in Kanto

The idea for Pokémon Ultra Violet came from creator LocksmithArmy. With the ROM hack of the Fire Red Edition, you will once again start on a customised journey through the Kanto region.

  • The story and map have been expanded by an additional group of islands. As usual, you start in Alabastia and have to defeat the usual arena ladders and the top 4, as well as the champion.
  • This time, all Pokémon from the first three generations including the legendary ones are at your disposal. You can find all the monsters in the wild and evolve them without trading. Special evolution stones are available through the supermarkets.
  • These also include the Fossil and Battle Pokémon Nockchan and Kicklee. They each get both and do not have to choose one. The three starters Bisasam, Glumanda and Schiggy can also be found in the wild.
  • A new feature of Ultra Violet is the ability to catch the starter Pokémon yourself. To do this, you have to approach Professor Eich without selecting a starter. You then enter a special Safari Zone and can catch a Pokémon to start your journey with. Make sure you make a good catch, because you will never be able to return to this area again.
  • Certain legendary Pokémon are accessible via events that require you to take an in-game ship. Ultra Violet invites you to explore to fill your Pokédex.


Test Pokemon Ultra Violet: These are good reasons

“Pokémon Ultra Violet” is a popular ROM hack for many different reasons:

  • Access to all Pokémon: This hack allows you to capture all the Legendary Pokémon from the first three generations without having to rely on events or other games.
  • Collector’s Delight: If you’re a Pokémon fan who enjoys catching and perfecting all kinds of Pokémon, Pokémon Ultra Violet gives you the opportunity to expand and complete that collection.
  • Nostalgia: For players who love the original Pokémon games from the late 90s and early 2000s, “Pokémon Ultra Violet” can provide a nostalgic experience that enhances and expands upon the original games.

Pokémon Ultra Violet Download? Is it legal?

Watch out! Pokémon Ultra Violet is a ROM hack. Accordingly, it is a fan game that was not published by Nintendo or GameFreak.

  • For copyright reasons, we are unable to link you to a source for downloading the game.
  • It is important to note that playing ROM hacks is in a legal grey area, as you usually need to own an illegal copy of the original game to be able to perform the hack. Make sure you comply with local laws and regulations regarding ROM hacks and emulated games.
  • Fully legally, you can play Fire Red Edition as a used game. If you prefer modern Pokémon games, you should take a look at Pokemon Purple and Pokemon Crimson.

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