Bitlife: How to become an astronaut

by Johannes

To become an astronaut in Bitlife, you need to take your time and prepare well for the training in the life simulation

Bitlife: Start your career as an astronaut

If you want to become an astronaut in Bitlife, you can’t do it without the Astronaut Special Career Pack. You must purchase this for real money (6.99 US dollars) in the App Shop.

  • Once you have purchased the Career Pack, you must complete a degree in one of the STEM subjects at a university. You increase your chances of getting a job as an astronaut if you choose mathematics or engineering.
  • After that, you will need to obtain a pilot’s license. To do this, visit the flight school, which is possible via the Licenses tab in the activities. You will need to invest quite a lot of in-game money, as you need to complete 40 flight hours for the license
  • Now you have to attend a space academy, which is possible via the special careers. There you search for “Astronaut” to then enter the space academy.
  • Training to become an astronaut takes two in-game years. You either have to pay for the training yourself or you will receive a scholarship if you are good enough.
  • Over these training years, you must regularly complete the following training units: Fitness, Flight and Technical Knowledge. Take care of these extensively so that you have a good chance of getting a job as an astronaut at the end.
  • At the end, you can apply to a space agency or be recruited. Congratulations! You are now flying into space in Bitlife.

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