Update Signal: It’s that easy for Android & iOS

by Pramith

From time to time it becomes necessary to update the Signal app. This is very easy to do for both Android and iOS

How to update Signal

To ensure that Signal always runs smoothly and that you always have access to the latest functions, it is important to keep the messenger up to date.

  • If you have set the apps to update automatically, you normally don’t need to do anything to get the latest version.
  • If this is not the case, open the Google Play Store and the Signal app on Android smartphones.
  • If there is a new version, it will say “Update”, which you should then click if you want to update the app.
  • If no update is pending, you only have the options of “Uninstall” or “Open”.
  • Under New features, you can also see when Signal was last updated.
  • Another option is to click on the round icon with your initials in the top right-hand corner of the Play Store and then on “Manage apps and devices”. Under “Updates available” you will see a complete overview of the apps that have an update available
  • The procedure is pretty much the same for iOS. Open the App Store and search for the app. If there is a newer version, this will be displayed

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