Disney Dreamlight Valley: Farming pebbles – how to do it

by Pramith

You need pebbles for some quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley. They can’t be found in every area and digging them requires a bit of luck.

How to find pebbles in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You will need pebbles for many construction projects in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Here’s how to farm the resource:

  • You can only find pebbles on the Shimmering Beach, on the Sunny Plains, in the Forest of Valour and in the Forgotten Land.
  • Similar to clay, you will have to dig in the ground with a shovel, but you will not always get pebbles out. Unfortunately, there are no special places where you are sure to find pebbles.
  • If you take one of your friends with digging ability with you, you will get more resources and therefore more pebbles. The higher the friendship level, the more you can hope to get as well.
  • All dug up? If you want to farm for new pebbles in Disney Dreamlight Valley, briefly place a large object on the area to get rid of all the holes.




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